Part Four: Learn to Speak Hebrew

$ 14.95

Included in this digital package are downloads of the following books: The Sarah and David Picture Book, The Visit Israel Book and the Teacher Manual.

1) The Sarah and David Picture Book

The Picture Book is an easy way to bring Modern Hebrew into the classroom. Topics include holidays, weather, food, sports, colors, numbers and Israel. No vocabulary lists, just clear, simple pictures that explain each Hebrew word. A simple phrase for each topic will get the conversation going. Begin to speak Hebrew conversational style by topic. Add to the fun by including the real objects for each topic. For any age.


2) The Visit Israel Book

The Visit Israel Book features the five scenes shown in The Mah Hamatzav Poster Set.
Authenic scenes of Israel and limited dialogue are a great introduction to Israel and Modern Hebrew. 'Scrapbook’ pages invite students to draw pictures or go online to find pictures of Israel to share during the lesson. Teachers love teaching Hebrew and Israeli life at the same time. The cover shows the scene that greets you when flying into Israel!
Third grade and up.


3) Teacher Manual: Speak Hebrew
The Teacher Manual highlights the teaching points in The Picture Book and The Visit Israel Book. The goal of both books as well as The Mah HaMatzav Posters is to present everyday Hebrew in a clear, authentic fashion that let's speaking begin quickly and easily.

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