Digital Introductory Package

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Included in this digital package are downloads of the following books and supplements:

The Aleph Bet Story Workbook, The Read Hebrew Primer and The Friday Night  Book.

1) The Aleph Bet Story Workbook

Featuring fun exercises, activities and letter-tracing, this workbook for pre-readers teaches students the right-to-left direction of Hebrew and reinforces letter recognition. Designed for first-graders, it’s also suitable for other young beginners.  For first grade.


2) The Read Hebrew Primer

The go-to book for learning to read Hebrew!  With a system of "beans, beats and baskets" you'll improve your Hebrew reading fluency and accuracy. Use with The Aleph Bet Story to learn or review the letters. Teaches the letters, vowels and reading skills in the same order and way as The Three Book Set. Excludes script writing activities.  See our free app for The Aleph Bet Story in the Apple App Store under Sarah and David Interactive.  

Recommended for:

  • all beginners in third grade and up
  • Hebrew readers needing review
  • teens, adults and Bible students
  • teachers and tutors of Hebrew reading


3) The Friday Night Book

Students work through eight lessons developed around these Friday Night Prayers: Shalom Aleichem, L’cha Dodi, V’Shamru, Shalom Rav, Vah y’chulu, Kiddush, Yigdal and Adon Olam. Using a Reading Skills Checklist on page 9, students continue to practice the reading skills they’ve learned in Part Two. Script writing practice for the aleph bet letters are on pages 10-12 of this book.


4)  Free Audio Support

There is free audio support for these and other books on our Audio Support Page.  Learn the letters with the Aleph Bet Story Book (print only) or with our free app available in the Apple App Store. Please search using Sarah and David Interactive.