Sarah & David’s Read Hebrew Now
is a fun and effective system to teach Hebrew reading.   

Schools, teachers, parents,

and students have a consistent approach to use from 

book-to-book and year to year to make recall and review easy. 

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I am a cantor and have owned a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring business for 10 years. Most of the students that I teach have no religious school background. I have been using the Read Hebrew Now "Sarah and David Read Hebrew Primer" since the inception of Cantor Barbra Liebersteins Jewish Lifecycles. I like the primer because it is easy to read, non-intimidating to the students, and explains all the grammatical rules in a clear way. The parents are so thrilled to hear that at the first session, their child is reading words and not just nonsense consonants with vowels. Because the book is not long or thick, the students are able to complete it in a short amount of time. It is amazing how the children and adults who learn from Sarah and David Read Hebrew are able to read and chant prayers as soon as they complete the book. I would highly recommend Sarah and David Read Hebrew Primer to synagogues as well as non-traditional routes of learning to read Hebrew.

- Cantor Barbra Lieberstein

AHomeschool Mom

“My 12-year-old son and I have both completed Sarah, David and You Read Hebrew Book One using the audio from the website.I love Lily’s voice!I love the program and find it’s so nicely done.Thanks for all you put
together.I’m learning to read Hebrew together with my son and finally we can learn Hebrew with ease.”

- Kassie

"This is my fifth year using the Three Book Read Hebrew Series and I cannot praise it highly enough.The workbooks offer a clear, engaging
methodology for recognizing Hebrew letters and building reading skills.My second grade students take great delight in completing each book.”

- Jana

“I needed a Hebrew Curriculum for 4th, 5, and 6th Graders
who hadn’t learned the Aleph Bet.This is my first year teaching religious school and Diana walked me through the curriculum and teaching strategies.Half way through the year I am blown away by the progress my students are making but even more by how much they love the curriculum.”

- Alissa