About Us

Sarah and David’s Read Hebrew Now Hebrew Reading Program

Sarah and David LLC is an Englewood based company and creator of Read Hebrew Now.

The company was founded by the mother and daughter team of Diana Yacobi, an experienced Jewish educator and Lily Yacobi Safrani, a businesswoman.

The crystallizing ‘ah ha’ moment came for this mother/daughter team when they realized that:

“You typically see a lot of squirmy, struggling kids in Hebrew reading classrooms.

 Let’s energize the aleph bet and bring Hebrew back to life!”

Now they have a successful company specializing in Hebrew reading and writing... that’s perfectly fun as well as serious about successful learning.  To learn the letters, Hebrew letters are transformed into central characters in their own whimsical story that students can read about or listen to online.  Students of any age can enjoy the fun approach to learning the Hebrew letters using the company’s free app!  With audio support, students can hear how letters and words sound.

As they learn to read, students can easily understand the engaging lessons, parents can help with practice using online resources and teachers are happy to get the concepts across so readily. There is music, (even rap in Hebrew!) laughter, brain teasers, puzzles, and a delicious sort of purposeful learning throughout. 

The founders who believe that Hebrew reading is central to Jewish identity and Bible study are committed to making that learning process a good and engaging experience.

The Approach

A problem-solving approach guided the design of their curriculum for teaching the Hebrew alphabet, reading, writing and language. The learning strategies specifically anticipate common reading difficulties that beginner level students have with Hebrew reading and counteract them with challenging activities and exercises. The series of books, audio support, video workshops and supplementary materials support students and teachers alike.

The large print, step-by-step approach, visual and auditory support have also proven to be helpful to special needs students.

With reading accomplished, students can now read anything in Hebrew from Biblical text to modern conversational Hebrew.  Using the program, students move on to learn prayers, experience Biblical Hebrew and can prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

As a result of Read Hebrew Now’s ‘user friendliness’, a child’s need for spirit and snap in his or her reading materials has at last been recognized and rewarded.  The program also works well as a refresher for adults who have been away from the Hebrew alphabet and Hebrew reading for many years.

The creators love to help students. Feel free to contact them with questions or to set up a workshop for teachers at info@readhebrewnow.com or 866-727-2432.