Part One: Learn the Hebrew Letters with Workbooks and Activities

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Included in this digital package are downloads of the following books and supplements:

The Activity Book, The Aleph Bet Story Workbook, The Aleph Bet Story Pictures, The Flash Card Set and Teacher Manual.   

NOTE - The Aleph Bet Story is available only in print or as a free app in the Apple App store.  Students of all ages love the whimsy, remember the letters and see how each letter is 'special'. Plan to keep it handy!  Hear the full story here for free. 

Preview the letter pictures in the Aleph Bet Story Poster and listen to the Aleph Bet Rock Song.

1)  The Activity Book

Based on the letter pictures in The Aleph Bet Story, students color, count and trace their way through each letter.  These fun activities help them remember what makes each Hebrew letter 'special'.  For Kindergarten. 


2) The Aleph Bet Story Workbook

Featuring fun exercises, activities and letter-tracing, this workbook for pre-readers teaches students the right-to-left direction of Hebrew, reinforces letter recognition and lays the groundwork for writing. Designed for first-graders, it’s also suitable for other young beginners.  For first grade.


3) Aleph Bet Story Pictures

Use these black-and-white versions of illustrations in The Aleph Bet Story to display or distribute for a class activity. Ask students to tell a letter story, then give them the picture to color. Students can collect them to create their own The Aleph Bet Story book.  A supplement for the primary grades.


4) Flash Card Set

Who doesn’t love flash cards? Our series features the Hebrew bubble letters and Picture Words as seen in The Aleph Bet Story Workbook. You can use this set to ‘show’ students words in Hebrew, organize a Word Wall or use the bubble letters to display student names or the names of holidays. Say the words out loud and students can start speaking Hebrew!   For all grades.


5) Teacher Manual:  The Aleph Bet Story Program
Designed to help instructors learn our Aleph Bet Story Method for teaching Hebrew letters. It highlights the teaching points contained within the colorful illustrations, descriptive text and trigger question — "What makes the letter special?" Using the method, students learn and remember the letters easily.  The Aleph Bet Story is for beginners of all ages.  NOTE:  Available as a separate link on the Digital Books page at no additional charge.


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