Learn Hebrew Prayers, Prayerbook and Bible Hebrew

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Included in this digital package are downloads of the following books:  The Friday Night Book, The Shabbat Morning Book, The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book  Audio links are included. 


1) The Friday Night Book

Students work through eight lessons developed around these Friday Night Prayers: Shalom Aleichem, L’cha Dodi, V’Shamru, Shalom Rav, Vah y’chulu, Kiddush, Yigdal and Adon Olam. Using a Reading Skills Checklist on page 9, students continue to practice the reading skills they’ve learned in Part Two. Script writing practice for the aleph bet letters are on pages 10-12 of this book.


2) The Shabbat Morning Book

Following the same approach as Friday Night Prayers, students work through 13 lessons built around these Shabbat Morning Prayers: Ma Tovu, Birchot HaShachar, Shema/V’Ahavtah, Mi Chamocha/Tzur Yisrael, Amidah: Avot v’Imahot/Gevurot, Sim Shalom, Birchot HaTorah, Ayn Keloheynu, Aleinu, Adom Olam, Chatzi Kadish, Amidah: Avot/Gevurot (traditional) and Ashrei. Hebrew Reading Checklist is on page 9.


3) The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book

The definitive, preteen-friendly workbook for students preparing for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, this is an ideal teaching tool for schoolteachers, tutors, cantors and rabbis. It reinforces Hebrew reading skills while also helping students see themselves in synagogue and explains the Shabbat Morning Service. A two-page “Bible Geography” section shows how the Hebrew Bible is organized. The final section introduces students to trope, the symbols used for chanting Torah and Haftarah.