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Included in this digital package are downloads of the following books and supplements: The Read Hebrew Primer, The Three Book Set (Books1,2,3), The Skill and Drill Book, The Script Writing Supplement, The Block Writing Supplement and  Audio links are included. 

1) The Read Hebrew Primer

The go-to book for learning to read Hebrew!  With a system of "beans, beats and baskets" you'll improve your Hebrew reading fluency and accuracy. Use with The Aleph Bet Story to learn or review the letters. Teaches the letters, vowels and reading skills in the same order and way as The Three Book Set. Excludes script writing activities.

Recommended for:

  • all beginners in third grade and up
  • Hebrew readers needing review
  • teens, adults and Bible students
  • teachers and tutors of Hebrew reading


2) Read Hebrew: Book 1

Book One teaches the letters and vowels used in "Shabbat Shalom". Book One also lays the foundation for the script version of Hebrew writing.  Students begin to combine letters and vowels, learn to read the block form and write the script form of each Hebrew letter. Can be introduced to first graders ready to begin Hebrew reading following The Aleph Bet Story.


3) Read Hebrew: Book 2

Introduces more letters and vowels as well as 'beans',' beats and baskets', techniques which build reading skills. Upon completion, students will know all of the Hebrew vowels and many words in Hebrew.


4) Read Hebrew: Book 3

Book Three teaches the remaining letters, as well as special rules for letters and vowels.  It continues to build students' reading and script writing skills. Book Three completes The Three-Book Sarah, David and YOU Read Hebrew Series. The set is an alternate to the Primer, teaching script writing and offers more practice activities.

The Three Book Set can be introduced in second grade and completed in third grade in weekly programs.


5) The Skill and Drill Book

Build Reading Skills & Fluency

Once you can read Hebrew, you're ready for The Skill and Drill Book.   Filled with clever warm-up and reading review activities, The Skill and Drill Book takes you from the primer level to prayer, Bible or any Hebrew text. Start at the beginning or pick a page that tests a specific Hebrew reading skill.  Turn any page into a warm-up quiz!  Also great for diagnostic testing.


6) Script Writing Supplement

This supplement lets students practice writing the script form of each Hebrew letter, guided by arrows to ensure correct technique. Letters follow the order in which they appear in the Read Hebrew Primer and The Three Book Set.

Note:   A chart that summarizes the script and print form of the letters can be found on pages 10 - 12 of The Friday Night Book.  On this review chart, the letters appear in aleph bet order. 


7) Block Writing Supplement

This supplement is for learning to write block letters.  The letters follow the order in which they appear in the Read Hebrew Primer and the Sarah, David and YOU series.



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